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About Us

About Us

Founder, Thomas Setteducato has been involved in buying, selling and holding real estate since 1985.  Over these 30 plus years he has made every mistake possible .  This journey has enabled Tommy to develop an effective, straightforward strategy to buy and sell multi-family properties.  

Partner, Alison Fordyce has an extensive investing background as a Commodity Trader on the floor of the New York Board of Trade.  She was a local market maker for over 20 years, until the Exchange closed the floor in 2012.  Transitioning into real estate investing, she bought her first multi-family property in 2013.  Since that time she has purchased several more properties. 

Director of Marketing and Finance, Peter Setteducato has been a real estate investor for over 30 years. Peter also founded a successful independent business in the transportation industry which thrived for over 30 years.

Realizing that they all shared the same passion and vision,  Tommy, Ali, and Peter formed a Partnership.  Tommy's wealth of experience and their shared passion for a real estate investing is the foundation of Retire In Five NJ.  

Our Mission

We believe that cash flowing real estate is a powerful tool for retirement.  

Our system is a simple process. We locate & identify multi-family properties that fit our profile and strategy. Each of these multi-family properties generate $12,000 -$18,000 net profit per year. In a short time an investor can acquire five or more of these properties. There is often no limit to how many houses or how quickly we can facilitate the purchase. Our mission is to enable clients to achieve the goal of retirement, at any age.

Utilizing our professional network, experience, and dedication to servicing our clients; we do all the work!  We locate & identify properties, have strong working relationships with contractors and lenders, find renters, and can assist in any facet of property ownership that's needed.  We make investing and working with Retire In Five NJ an easy choice! 

Our Specialities

We invest in multi-family real estate projects in which clients can utilize leverage to maximize returns.  Using our expertise, network and a minimal investment, our investors are able to purchase and maintain cash flowing properties. 

Our mission is to enable investors to retire in five years or less... at any age. We make working with Retire In Five NJ a simple streamlined process.

      Our Network      

Acquiring properites:

realtors, wholesalers, auctions, shortsales

Funding acquision and rehab:

mulitiple private and hard money lenders as well as long term lenders


licensed, insured and fully vetted site managers, builders, tradespeople


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We are constantly evolving! Our professional network is expanding as we bring passionate folks on board who share our vision & mission. Our extremely curated property portfolio continues to grow. Our process evolves with every conversation & connection with clients, and the array of professionals we work with. And, most exciting of all is a blossoming relationship with non-profit organizations throughout NJ. We believe this is an opportunity to serve both our clients and the community in our home state of NJ. Retire In Five NJ is working hard to enable clients to retire in five years or less... at any age! 

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We love our customers! Our passion is securing cash-flowing real estate properties for our clients. We invest in multi-family real estate projects  where investors can utilize leverage to maximize returns. Retirement investments are our specialty!

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